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DEPHOTEX has been at the INNOVATION CONVENTION (5-6 December 2011)

DEPHOTEX has been showing the final working demonstrators during this event organized by the European Commission.
Pictures of the demonstrators below:

Paper presentation at 50th Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress, 15-17 September 2011, Austria

Dr. Klaus Opwis, Dephotex Technical Coordinator, will be presenting DEPHOTEX at the 50th Dornbirn Man-Made Fibers Congress, 15-17 September, Austria.

Consortium meeting at Grado Zero's premises, Montelupo, 12-13 May 2011 (month 24)

After 24 months of research, the consortium has met to prepare the last months of the project, focusing on the improvement of the solar cells developed, their interconnection and characterization.

Download here the DEPHOTEX poster

V Consortium meeting in Ghent, 11-12 January 2011

We start interconnecting cells and integrating them into final applications. For more details, please contact the Consortium (see "contact").

DEPHOTEX was presented at Industrial Technologies 2010 and at 25PVSEC Valencia 2010.

DEPHOTEX has been presented in the following events:
DEPHOTEX exhibition BOOTH at
7-9 September 2010, Brussels (Belgium)
DEPHOTEX exhibition POSTER at
6-9 September 2010, Valencia



IV Consortium meeting and Project Review, Rome 3-4 June 2010

Our IV Consortium meeting took place in Rome the 3-4 June 2010, celebrating the first 18 months of the project. The first official Review by the European Commission also took place during this meeting with successful results.
We start now the second half of the project. The first prototypes of the full textile PV cell system will be released soon!


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